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About Cfaith Network

About Us
Cfaith Christian Network is a non-profit faith-based network dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Christ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all around the world, through all media formats available.

Cfaith Network is currently airing 2 internet radio channels and multiple video channels through Video on Demand, Mobile, YouTube, Live streaming 24/7 at etc reaching over millions of potential viewers/listeners all over the world daily.

Through the leadership and vision of Pastor Chukwu, Cfaith Network uses every means available to reach people of all cultures and nations, right where they are. Thanks to the favor of God, and the prayers and financial support of Cfaith Network’s Friends and Partners, Cfaith Network will continue to expand throughout the world with a message of hope.


Mission Statement
Our mission is connecting the world to the truth of God’s Word using every available media format.


Vision Statement:
To reach out to the lost, and to equip the body of Christ through the production and broadcast of quality Christian media materials.


To develop innovative Christian television and radio programs that educate, enlighten and inspire.
To promote events, such as Christian Concerts and Theatrical Productions that helps facilitate the coming together and fellowship of Christians from all walks of life.
To facilitate training conferences and seminars which help pastors and ministers to become more effective leaders in their churches and communities.
To expose people to the television production and broadcasting industry.